Choose from the following options:

Desk space just for you: 200 per month. Includes desk and chair if you need them provided. Wifi. This includes service charges for cleaning/security/access. Accessible between 8am and 11pm. 7 days a week. 


Room share: Rooms are costed at 15 pounds per square foot per year. Self-organising groups of people can hire a room to share. This may suit creatives or those working in similar fields who are looking for mutual support. We can help to put you in touch with others. 


Hotdesking: Half Day (4hrs) or Full day (8 hrs) between 9am and 5pm. Wifi and furniture provided. Access via Steiner Academy Bristol main entrance.


Meeting and training rooms: For all kinds of meetings and training sessions. to hire by the hour. Hire must include set up and take down time.